Nintendo Is Paying Upto $20,000 Bounty For A Hacked Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is paying up to $20,000 bug bounty for any one who can discover and exploits vulnerabilities in the Nintendo Switch and also the Nintendo 3DS and the minimum payout is $100 depending on the type of vulnerability found.

Nintendo for now is only interested in vulnerability information on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS as written on the hackerone platform page.

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Nintendo is focus on preventing Privacy and also Cheating which includes Game application dumping, Copied game application execution, Game application modification, Save data modification.

Nintendo also includes System Vulnerabilities on both Nintendo Switch and also Nintendo 3DS like Privilege Escalation from Userland, Kernel takeover, ARM TrustZone takeover, Priviledge escalation on ARM 11 userland, ARM 9 and ARM 11 kernel takeover.


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