iPhone 6: A Complete Review

As a smartphone brand, Apple needs no particular introduction: ever since the release of the first original iPhone in 2007, every new model produced by Apple is met with anticipation from the buyers and favorable reviews from the critics. The iPhone 6, presented two years ago, is no exception: the redesigned body, the upgraded operating system, and the brand new variety of features made the iPhone 6 a top selling device until nowadays. Learn more about this iconic model and the best way to get it in Nigeria.


The iPhone 6 became the largest iPhone released by Apple since the launch of the iPhone lineup, which is not surprising, considering the ever growing popularity of enormous Android-based devices. If you’ve always found the 4-inch iPhone models to be too small for your needs, the screen size and the way the new iPhone 6 feels in your hands may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The bigger size and larger dimensions didn’t make the iPhone heavier or bulkier: at just 129 grams it’s actually one of the lightest smartphones available in the market. The iPhone 6 features a curvaceous body made of brushed aluminum and is available in three colors: Silver, Space Grey, and Gold. Traditionally, the build quality of the iPhone 6 is extremely high, which is exactly what you expect from a brand as renowned as Apple.


The 2014 additions to the iPhone lineup feature an 1.2 GHz A8 processor instead of the A7 found in the previous models. Apple claims that the A8 chip is 50% more power efficient than the A7, which positively influences the device’s battery life. The processor is paired with 1GB of RAM, which may not seem enough for a device as powerful as the iPhone 6, but only until you remember that Apple is much better at utilizing RAM than most Android smartphone manufacturers. The combination of features allows the iPhone 6 to deliver superfast performance compared to other leading models from renowned brands.


Originally, the iPhone 6 ran the iOS 8, although if you buy this iPhone today, you can easily upgrade it to the new iOS 10 within minutes. Even though the iOS 8 has significant differences from the previous versions of Apple’s operating system, you won’t find any difficulties in trying to navigate the new OS. In addition to the usual set of operating system features and apps, you will also find a variety of new ones to try.

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