Interview With Arpit Pandey - Cyber Graphics Designer

Today I decided to Interview Mr Arpit Pandey after seeing so many of his designs for hackers day, Over the past months we have interview hackers and bug bounty hunters, But now we are interviewing some one designing the graphics for the Infosec Community.

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Please Introduce Yourself

Hello everyone, My name is Arpit Pandey, I am a passionate learner and love to find new things and do experiments with them. Over the last few years I have worked as a graphic designer for many InfoSec organizations and other communities and currently working for Hackers Day IISC, Digital 4n6 Journals, and other communities.(/organization)

How You Started The Journey As A Cyber Graphics Designer?

Well, It is my hobby to learn new things and one fine day when I was doing some simple designing on a poster, it turned out to be something not expected. Encouraged by my elder brother Mr. Nitin Pandey, (Founder of Hackers Day) I started working for InfoSec. Now I work even harder to give my best to the InfoSec sector in my country and leave no stone untouched.

When Did You Start Graphics Designs And Tell Us About Your Experience?

Almost 2 years from now I started designing on Photoshop and I am very happy to say that people have always loved n' supported me. So far it has been a great journey working with some of the best persons in our Cyber community.

How Did You Start Learning Graphics And Who Taught You?

Let's say a laptop, an Internet connection and Softwares are the one who taught me. The world of graphic designing is huge and each day is a new challenge, All one needs to do is be patient and passionate about learning new things.

Which Cyber Security Designs Was Your First?

It was DEFCON Lucknow International Information Security Conference. It was a privilege working with a great organization and a fantastic team

What Advise Will You Give To Beginners Coming Into This Field?

Well guys if you're really interested in Graphic designing then I'll suggest using Adobe Photoshop V7.0 will be the best, it is good for beginners and easy to use. Having a creative mind in designing each and everything is necessary, and after completing a design always try to look at it from the aspects of the audience, it will give you the best result.

What Are Your Favorite Tools?

I work with Adobe Photoshop, After Effect, Illustrator, and many other softwares but my favorite are Adobe Photoshop 7.0, CS6 and Illustrator CS6.

How Do You Keep Your Skills Fresh?

Our brain is our skill, if we keep thinking about new things and designs it'll be fresh and we will keep improving. Searching on Google and watching designs, proves to be very helpful.

What Do You Think Of The Future Of Graphics Design In Cyber Security?

It's very disappointing to see that designers are not showing their interest in working for Cyber Security. People are good at designing but we see a lack of creativity. There is a good scope for designers in our InfoSec and one must definitely try.

What Are The References/Best Resources To Get Started?

If you want some good and quick learning I will suggest using Google and Youtube is the best idea. It will not only guide you better than anyone but will also make you learn shortcuts and how to use tools at a beginner level.

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Thank you Mr. Arpit Pandey for your time with us and sharing one or two things with our readers, And we hope to see you may be next time in one of articles.

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