CBIT Headstart Capture the Flag – 21 & 22 October 2016

One of the Top Engineering College In Hyderabad, India, CBIT is hosting the First Capture The Flag Headstart Festival.
It's conducted both Online as well as Onsite (CBIT , Hyderabad , INDIA). We invite all the student hackers on Bugcrowd platform to participate in our capture the flag event.


CBIT Headstart CTF is one of a kind security challenges that not only test your understanding of basic programming concepts but also your general IQ and computer knowledge.
It consists of 2 rounds :
Round1 : It consists of questions with difficulty levels ranging from easy to difficult. What if you get struck at some point? No worries because each question is provided with a clue to help you. You will be awarded points for each question that you crack successfully.

Round 1 will be held on October 21 10:30 AM IST.
It will be around 2-3 hrs.

Those who qualifies Round1 will move to Round2 where Challenges are given by our CTF sponsor "BUGCROWD"

Round 2 will be for around 4-5 hours on October 22 10:30 AM IST .

At the end of event Participants and winners will be awarded with surprising goodies, certificates and cash prizes.

Only students are eligible to participate , Come in a team of 1 or 2 and enjoy capture the flag .

Prizes & Goodies:

  1. Cash prize from CBIT college to winners .

  2. $100 USD Prize from Bugcrowd to 1st place .

  3. Goodies from our sponsor Primeauth to winners and runner ups.

  4. Bonus question with cash prize as reward.

Note: For Bonus Question, Team should be Onsite.

Registration url : https://goo.gl/nA2LsR21

For more details join our facebook group : http://facebook.com/groups/ctf2k16/7 or drop an email : [email protected]

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