Facebook Is Adding End To End Encryption To Its Messenger App

Facebook said it will begin testing "Secret Conversation" inside its Messenger App, A feature which allows end to end encryption to both users using the Messenger App for chatting, this means even Facebook won't be able to intercept your conversations.

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end to end encryption facebook messenger

Facebook has make the Messenger itself a Platform on its own, And as we can see Facebook wants to take over the Primary Messaging App on devices.

So as People are using Messenger and the more people are concerned about their Privacy, That's one of the reason Facebook is offering end to end encryption which is limited to some users for testing for now.

Another thing Facebook is adding to the "Secret Conversation" is an expiration time for the Secret conversation, even though your Phone is Stolen or Lost, Once you already set an expiration date for it, The chat will be cleared out of the phone once the time reached.

How Do I Enable Secret Chat Conversation On Facebook Messenger?

As mention earlier, Only for some test group.

Step 1: Just Click on your Facebook friend like you want to chat with him/her and check below down,

Step 2: You will Secret Conversation and click on it.

Step 3: And you will see a notice that your chat is end to end encrypted.

Step 4: There's also a timer feature ranges from 5 Seconds upto 6 Hours.


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