Avast Software Buys AVG Technologies For $1.3 Billion In Cash Deal

One of the Top leading Antivirus Company Avast Software is ready to acquire it's competitor AVG Technologies for a $1.3 Billion in cash deal, $25 cash of AVG shares will be paid by Avast which amounts to $1.3 Billion.

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avg and avast

Avast has more than 230 Million customers all around the World and which is privately owned, and Avast hopes the deal will make the merged company more efficient, and also allowing it to take advantage of new growth opportunities such as securing Internet of Things (IoT).

Vincent Stickler the CEO of Avast wrote in the Avast Company Blog:

This combination is great for our users. We will have over 250 million PC/Mac users enabling us to gather even more threat data to improve the protection to our users.

The deal will also give Avast access to AVG’s Zen mobile technology for controlling the protection of all a family’s devices from just one of them.

The combined footprint of the two companies will also mean better technical support for SMBs

As AVG is best known for it's free Antivirus software which is available to Windows, Mac OSX, and Android devices but also sells it Pro version of the software, which offers some additional features.

The revenue of the AVG for the beginning of year to June is approximately between $104 million and $106 million, As some of the revenue comes from Desktop Security and also from Search Advertising.

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