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We all know someone or have been in the position where when driving our car had an unknown or even known issue and it breaks down on the road.

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Basically we are mechanics located on Lagos roads and towing vehicles parked on the side of the road,

AutoSave allows you request for assistance from a mechanic whenever your car breaks down unexpectedly on the Lagos road
and also request for towing if your car can't be repaired on the spot.

The process is straightforward. You visit the site, either you sign up and get covered for a year or you call any of their people whenever you need assistance.

Autosave sends a mechanic to where you are and the mechanic fixes your car on the spot, you pay and thats all.

But if your car can't be repaired on the spot, they provide you with one of our towing vans closest to you so you won't be stranded.

Pretty Simple right? Life,Lagos roads and Lagos Traffic will probably throw in a few choice wrenches in practice, but you get the idea.

Autosave Roadside Assistance was created by Popoola ifeoluwa, Pheelamillo Ghajiga and Oladele Gbenga.

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