Vulnerability Found In Norton Antivirus That Affects OS

A Security Researcher named Tavis Ormandy who is part of the Google Project Zero Team, Zero team is the name given to a team of security researchers which Google employed 2014 in other to find zero day exploits.

The vulnerability is said to be in Core Symantec antivirus engine which is used in Symantec and Norton antivirus products which comes mostly with new PCs, He says it's BUG because it's less Bug, but it makes it easy to hack any Operating System running Symantec software on it.

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How The Vulnerability Works

A malicious hacker sends a formatted file via email or a web link is enough, Once the target computer running on the vulnerable version of the Symantec software is to receive and scan the email, The user doesn't need to open the file or link sent to him, Then the malicious hackers get root access to the computer of the victim, The vulnerability is due to a Buffer overflow.

The Company is aware of the issue and pushed up a patch for it, Now all you need to do is update any of Symantec products you're using on your PC.

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