Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Is Receiving It's June Security Update Now

Samsung has pushed security update for June for it's Galaxy S7 Edge this Month, So it means now may be Samsung will start pushing an update in advance before the month comes in, Samsung was known before to be slow when pushing out update for it's devices, but now it seems they have changed the way they push out an update.

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S7 update

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge received it April Update in March in Korea, and now the Galaxy S7 Edge is receiving it's June Update through carrier Orange In Spain. There's no information about what the update will fix currently but as we know it's about a security update which will patch some vulnerability and nothing will change in your device.

Other Carriers using the S7 Edge also will start receiving their update soon Over The Air (OTA), But it might take some time before you could get an update through your Notifications about the Update, But you can go ahead and do it manually,

Just Go to Settings and Select About Device then Select Download Updates Manually to check if there's a Security update for your device yet.

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