Russian Hacker Is Ready To Sell 272 Million Email Accounts For $1

How Is It Possible? A Russian Hacker was ready to sell 272 Million email accounts for less than $1, The Hacker with the name "the Collector" in one of the Dark Web Forum, The Young hacker was said to be bragging in the Dark Web forum that he's ready to sell about 1.17 Billion Emails for Just 50 roubles, - Russia currency, When calculated in Dollar not up to $1.

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A Cyber Security Analyst from Hold Security reached out to the Young Hacker about negotiating the Emails with him, But the Hacker said he is not going to give him for free that he just want to get rid of them, But he will give the Cyber Security Analyst from Hold Security the Data For free in exchange of Likes And Votes on his is Page in VKontakte one of the Popular Social Networking Site Alternative to Facebook In Russia.

Emails Accounts Credentials From World's Email Provider Like Gmail, Yahoomail, And Microsoft Email, It also includes other Email like, A Email Service Provider and also from other Email service provider in China, And Germany.

About 15% Unique Yahoo Email Accounts, About 12% Microsoft Email And Gmail Is About 9%, Other's Include Bank Credentials and also other email service providers and other Companies in US. The 1.17 Billion Emails he said about turned out be Duplicates about 272 Emails where unique.

Microsoft Provide Statements To Tech Insider:

"Unfortunately, there are places on the internet where leaked and stolen credentials are posted, and when we come across these or someone sends them to us, we act to protect customers. Microsoft has security measures in place to detect account compromise and help them regain sole access to their account.

Yahoo Said:

We’ve seen the reports and our team is reaching out to Hold Security to obtain the list of accounts now. We’ll update going forward. - Tech Insider

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