Qualcomm Bug Leaves Millions Of Android Device Vulnerable

Can Android Be Safe? Is It Because It's Open Source? May Be The Source Code Can Be Read And Also The Bug can be find may be, The Vulnerability was found by Security Researchers from FireEye and it was patched in March. The Bug allows remote attackers to access Phone History, Phone Text Messages and other information. Because the Vulnerability has been existing since Five Years ago it's likely to be fixed or patch by other Android Phone's Manufacturer for it's older devices which no longer supports Updates.

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Which Of The Android Devices And Android Version Affected By This Vulnerability

Android Versions which include Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat And Lollipop are likely to be affected by this Bug, About 92.4% Devices run on Android OS, But not all the Android devices have the Qualcomm Processor on them, Since we have MediaTek, SnapDragon And Exynos etc.

CVE 2016-2060 which the vulnerability was tracked on, That the most affected Android Version is 4.3, Because they lack Security protection which was later introduced in 4.4 Kitkat, Called SEAndroid which means Security Enhancement for Android, which helps to secure by limiting the Access Apps it can gain from other Apps and also get access to Radio users data, It also limits File System writes capabilities.

How The Vulnerability Works

To exploit this vulnerability, The remote attacker only needs the ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE Permission in other to access  the API "netd" Daemon or you need a Physical access to the Android device. Since Google Play cannot identify the malicious App, It would continue to obtained a radio Privilege which allows Data like Phone History, Phone Text Messages and other Data's to be read.

Google has included this vulnerability CVE 2016-2060 to it's May Android Security Bulletin that was published earlier Monday.

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