Mozilla Wants To Know How FBI Hack Tor Users

Mozilla is said to be taking legal action against the FBI with a U.S District Court, Mozilla wants to find out weather its source code was affected by a Vulnerability in the Tor Browser, which allows FBI to de-anonymize and track users visiting child sex sites.

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Mozilla wants to know the security flaw may be its affected also, The Mozilla Chief Legal Officer Dixon-Thayer Said In A Blog Post
The Tor Browser is partially based on our Firefox browser code. Some have speculated,

including members of the defense team, that the vulnerability might exist in the portion of the Firefox browser code relied on by the Tor

Browser. At this point, no one (including us) outside the government knows what vulnerability was exploited and whether it resides in any of our code base.

The Site called Playpen which the FBI can shutdown, But instead they didn't do that, a vulnerability has been said to have been found and FBI has installed malware which allows them to track all users of the site.

Mozilla wants to know may be this vulnerability reside in any of it's source code so that it can patch it as soon as possible, before its widely used and exploited and comprising its users data.

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