Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Will Be Released In June 1

Microsoft Officials Has Announced that the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 will be released in June 1, So Companies waiting for the adoption of the new SQL Server 2016 can start preparing for the adoption. Also four versions of SQL Server 2016 will be release on June 1 also. The four versions which are Enterprise, Standard, Express And Also Developer. 

microsoft sql server 2016

The SQL Server 2016 comes with new feature over its predecessor, Including a new Stretch Database Function which allows it's users to store some of their data in a database on-premises and send infrequently used  data to Microsoft's Azure cloud.

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Some Other Features Which include Always Encrypted, Polybase, Row-level security, Dynamic Data Masking, Query Data Store and So On.

Features Of The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 By Features Edition

[caption id="attachment_1070" align="aligncenter" width="770"] Credit: Microsoft[/caption]

Microsoft is said to be testing version of SQL Server for Linux but might be released in Mid 2017 Probably.

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