Japan Plans To Make Programming Mandatory At Schools

Japan is planning to make programming mandatory at schools starting with Primary Schools, Middle Schools And also High Schools. It will be of help that Programming taught mostly in schools will help to improve children's ability to think logically and also globally.

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The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology had decided to make Computer Programming a Compulsory Subject at Primary Schools By 2020, Then Followed By Middle Schoola In 2021, And also High Schools In 2022.

At Primary School is been said to be adopted by classes in Science and Integrated Study, That it is necessary to come with a plan to for Children to become familiar with Programming and also improve their Programming Skills as they grow older.

Cities Like Koga, Ibaraka Prefecture, Takeo, Saga Prefecture In Japan that Computer Programming is coming their soon and will be taken in Primary Schools in Cooperation with Businesses and Volunteers. It's been reported that Programming as enhanced the willingness of the Children's to learn.

The Ministry in Japan plans to change the Simple Programming taught in Industrial Arts and Home making Classes into enriched Programming content for Middle Schools. And for High Schools System Programming will be compulsory.

As we know January, The U.S President Barack Obama plans to invest $4 Billion In Computer Science education. like Google Inc and others who are also providing Computer education for free for everyone to study.

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