Interview With Lawrence Amer - Penetration Tester From Syria

Did You Read About Yahoo Mail patching a Vulnerability Which allows an attacker to Spoof an Email Addresses? We didn't published the Story :/, But we Interview the Independent Security Researcher from Syria - Lawrence Amer, He worked as a Core Team Member Of Vulnerability Lab, And the Founder who is Benjamin Kunz Mejri that have been Interview in Techmedia NG also.

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Hello, Lawrence Amer Introduce YourSelf To Our Readers

My name is Lawrence Amer and am 27 Years Old, My Nationality is Syrian, i am also a Core research Team Member at Vulnerability Laboratory which is owned by Benjamin Kunz Mejri, i work as Penetration Tester, Security Researcher, and i am also the Founder and CEO of providing local Security training.

How You Started The Journey As A Security Researcher?

My education started since i joined the Faculty of Science - Department of English in Damascus University, after that my journey in hacking starts at the age of 18 with Local Advanced Penetration Testing, which helps in sharping my skills to write a comprehended exploits, besides doing alot of programming sessions in PHP, Python which help me alot in understanding the mechanism of softwares.

When i was 21 i started to Develop Security Tools to detect and interact with Web Applications to discover weakness in it, between 23-25, i started to Focus in Wireless Penetration Testing besides Local Networks and developed many scripts for Pentesters .

When Did You Start Hacking And Tell Us About Your Experience?

As i Said before i Started hacking in the age of 18, with silent hacking style waiting for suitable time to rock it and that's all happen in early 2015. i scored many Acknowledgments in : Microsoft, Adobe, AVG, Yahoo, Sophos, Cyberoam, Trendmicro, Sony, eBay, Aol and many others in the beginning of 2016 i have been added to Vulnerability lab core research team.

How Did You Start Learning Hacking And Who Taught You?

I had learned hacking by manual interaction and with daily practice, joining many online conferences and sharing information with others across the world. it's like sharing knowledge, but as conclusion i am self-learner.

Which Website/System Did You First Break Into?, What's The Vulnerability?

There are alot of Systems, But my amazing vulnerabilities was in Yahoo, Adobe, And Huawei. which have been reported across Media after patching the vulnerabilities.

What Advise Will You Give To Beginners Coming Into This Field?

For those of yo who wants to begin they should learn to hack as motto, And my advice is to focus on Valuable Hacking Besides suitable time to make it successful.

Is Programming Language Really Important, Why? And Which Language To Learn?

Sure Programming is the Basic Part of Hacking, and as for comprehended understanding and studying the weakness from the Developers point of views, To explain and fix with fast way, and also detect the most Deep vulnerabilities in Softwares and as my advice starting with PHP, Mysql, Java , Python is a good step in the rightful way.

What Methodology Do You Use When Participating In A Bug Bounty

When a Security researcher wants something different to avoid duplicates or invalid bugs. He has to look at the vulnerability from the impact on users in the first place. Then focus on writing a qualified report to deliver the exploitation in write way. In short report real vulnerabilities.

Do You Have A Specific Focus Or Specialty In Penetration Testing That You Tend To Spend Your Time On?

My Pentesting dosn't depend on one side . Any expert should Pentest every product Local, Remote . etc to get more points

How Do You Keep Your Skills Fresh?

Doing alot of daily Pentesting on different operation systems, And looking for upcoming security notice to learn from it .

What Do You Think Of The Future Of Bug Bounties Programs?

I thing there will be alot of Companies which will join this Bounty Programs to get Security for their users, The upcoming is more every period of time.

What Are The References/Best Resources To Get Started?

I think following disclosed reports and vulnerabilities is the most correct way, I prefer Vuln-Lab And Exploit-db.

How People Can Contact You?



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