Interview With Ch. Mansab Ali - Ethical Hacker From Pakistan

Hello Everyone, Our Guest Today In Our Interview Series In Techmedia NG Is Ch. Mansab Ali An Ethical Hacker from Pakistan, Who owns a Security Company  in Islamabad & Institute of Technical Education in Rawalpindi, We would like to listen to some of his stories on how he got into this field and so on.

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Hello, Ch Mansab Ali Introduce YourSelf To Our Readers

Hi guys, Im Ch. Mansab Ali Ethical Hacker, Penetration Tester, Competitive Intelligence Expert & Cyber warfare Researcher. My Publications has been published in different Pakistani News papers, Currently running my own company C-AtraX Pvt Ltd in Islamabad & Institute of Technical Education in Rawalpindi.

How You Started The Journey As A Security Researcher?

I started learning Offensive & Defensive Cyber Security techniques back in 2008 when I was a school kid. I came in this field accidentally while searching on google I found a forum and joined it.

When Did You Start Hacking And Tell Us About Your Experience?

I started Hacking in 2008, Each hack is confidential only my "Bro Zone" Knows about my Hacks ;-)

How Did You Start Learning Hacking And Who Taught You?

No one thought me Hacking, I learned at my own but one of my best friend and a senior Penetration tester Sadat Ullah always Guided & Forced me to learn latest techniques. Even Today! when ever i need a guidance I ask Sadat Ullah. He is one of the Best Penetration Tester.

Which Website/System Did You First Break Into?, What's The Vulnerability?

My every hack is confidential , In start I use to hack those websites which were already hacked by other hackers I Steal their exploits and scripts from those server and use them to increase my knowledge.

What Advise Will You Give To Beginners Coming Into This Field?

Instead of Defacing & Finding Bounty They should try to learn latest InfoSec techniques by reading research papers of top security experts and should try their skills in lab environment instead of live websites. Trust me Hacking the Lab have more fun.

Is Programming Language Really Important, Why? And Which Language To Learn?

Yeah Every Programming language is highly important it clears your logics behind each attack and change your career from a script kiddie to a source code auditor.

Do You Have A Specific Focus Or Specialty In Penetration Testing That You Tend To Spend Your Time On?

I use to spend my most of time in learning Cyber Espionage tactics by which I can save my own country's Infrastructure from Foreign Cyber Espionage. I use to learn about latest Malwares used by them, Their Delivery Methods & Information stealing tactics.

How Do You Keep Your Skills Fresh?

In my busy schedule, Speak-outs , Workshops , Projects , business meetings , I always spent more then 2.5 Hrs in learning and trying new techniques every day. Even I have my own Penetration testing team with me.

What Do You Think Of The Future Of Bug Bounties Programs?

No Offense. I think Bounty hunting is like "Beating a Drum" however it helps in market to prove your worth. however Being Good at bounty Hunting Doesn't means you are good in skills.

What Are The References/Best Resources To Get Started?

Check OWASP Top 10

How People Can Contact You?

Email:- [email protected]


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