Google Turns HTTPS For All Blogger Sites And How To Enable

Google has added a Settings in your Blogger Dashboard that allow it's users to enable HTTPS for their Blogs last Year, When Turn On it redirects all users from HTTP to HTTPS , But Now Google has  turned the feature on by default for all Blogger sites.

But the HTTPS feature only affects the subdomain of the, And not Blogs running on a custom domain, But users also running on HTTPS on the subdomain of might likely encounter an issue which a Tool has been created to fixed the error.

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How To Enable HTTPS On Your

If you have not seen your Blog in HTTPS yet, Follow this steps to enable it.

  • Login To Your Blogger Dashboard And Click On The Blog To Activate/Enable the HTTPS

  • Go To Settings And Look At HTTPS, You Will See HTTPS Redirect To No, Change it to Yes.

blogspot https enable

  • Then Go to your Blog and Refresh it, The HTTPS should be enabled on your

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