Germany Says Their Parliament Was Hacked By Russia

Germany Domestic Intelligence Agency has accused Russia for hacking into German State Computer Systems. They said alots of Cyber attacks were made by Russia. The Agency which known as Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), The Hacker group were known as 'Sofacy/APT28' was behind the attack.

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bfv agency

The Group is said to have been established since 2004 and which they have been blamed for carrying various types of attacks on Governments and also Financial institution. The BfV agency head Hans-Georg Maassen said the cyber attack on German State Organizations And Institutions were carried out in other to gather Intelligence Data.

He said the Agency has been monitoring the Hacker Group for more than decade and also its hack on Germany. Also Trend Micro a security firm said a group of hackers mostly target Anti -Russia had been trying to since April to attack the computer systems of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party. No Official Statement from Russia about the accusation made by Germany Yet.

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