Apple Watch Hacked To Run Windows 95

Apple watch running windows 95

Without seeing the Windows 95 being run in the Apple Watch, Can you believe it? Apple Watch Hacked To Run Windows 95 By Nick Lee. He explained the Apple Watch 520Mhz Processor, 512MB Of RAM, And also 8GB Storage Of Internal Memory, These are the Specs Offered by the 90's Computers.

How He Got The Windows 95 Running

He explained that by Modifying a WatchKit app to load his own custom code which is Bochs x86 emulator code, He further explained that if you don't have mouse pointer, you can use the touch screen to navigate through the Start Menu And Apps. He said after the Software is being installed it takes an hour for the Apple Watch to Startup into the Windows 95.

He also said if you're trying to run this Windows 95 on your Apple Watch here is the source code to GitHub where you can have the code and try it out yourself, Never the less the Windows 95 on the Apple Watch is impractical for you to wait for an hour before it comes up, But he added saying the Apple Watch is no more a toy.

Watch The Youtube Video For Demonstration

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