Apple Brings Back Encryption And Security Expert Jon Callas

Jon Callas is the Co-Founder of Silent Circle, A Security Company that offers encrypted software services and also behind a secured mobile phone device Blackphone and Blackphone 2.

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jon callas

Apple has to bring back Jon Callas since the Company having been facing issue with the Government on encryption on it's devices. It happened after the San Bernardino, California shooting in which one of the shooters iPhone was left behind locked in which the FBI takes a legal action against Apple in unlocking the iPhone which they refused, But the FBI got the access to the iPhone.

Jon Callas worked with Apple in 1990s, Then later on he returned back between 2009 to 2011, His contribution to the Company include a full disk encryption for both Mac OS X and iOS security. He's also known for his contribution to the Pioneering PGP encryption system, including authoring the openPGP standard for IETF and also developing the PGP's universal server software.

Apple is looking to strengthen it's  encryption in their OSX, iOS and iCloud, even though they are secured they're still concerned about their security, since security is what Apple used to market is devices to their customers, so they have to improve it.

Apple said they would make iOS and other upcoming devices more secure.

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