Another Vulnerability Found In Mr. Robot Season 2 Website

The Biggest Hacking Drama Television Series Of 2015 Mr. Robot,And after it's launched of the Season 2 Website, So the Promotional site for the movie was vulnerable, Zemnmez a White Hat Hacker discovered a Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (XSS) in the Promotional Site which Forbes Reported.

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mr robot

The Vulnerability was patched by NBC Universal. But that's not the vulnerability, A Blind SQL Injection has been found by a hacker in CoreNumb Security.

Read The POC From His Website

Blind SQL (Structured Query Language) injection is a type of SQL Injection attack that asks the database true or false questions and determines the answer based on the applications response. This attack is often used when the web application is configured to show generic error messages, but has not mitigated the code that is vulnerable to SQL injection. - Owasp

He said he wasn't interested in Testing for any vulnerabilities but had is Burp Suite running, And there's a Subscribe Our Email, Which He Test and it was Vulnerable to Blind SQL Injection.

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