About 60,000 Factory Workers Replaced With Robots In China

Foxconn a manufacturing Partner of Apple has reportedly replaced 60,000 factory workers with Robots. The factory is located at Kunshan, China.

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Apple robots

According To a Government official said:

"The Foxconn factory has reduced its employee strength from 110,000 to 50,000, thanks to the introduction of robots. It has tasted success in reduction of labour costs"

The head of Publicity for the Kunshan region Xu Yulian said more company are likely to follow this suit and also China is investing heavily in a robot workforce.

About 505 factories in Dongguan spent 4.2 Billion Yuan ($630 Million) in September 2014, It was spent on Robots and AI Technologies to replace human workers. So it means much Apple Devices might be produced since human workers are not involved in some places, but it's likely fewer Job will be brought in India since some work will be done by Robots.

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