A Student Find Bugs In Police Protocols, Instead He Gets Suspended Prison Sentence

I remembered then finding a Blind SQL Injection, Reflected And Stored Cross Site Site Scripting In Konga.com one of the leading eCommerce site in Nigeria, I decided to report ethically, As i have thought i would be acknowledge for reporting such an issue but you know what? The reply from the Security Manager was in the first rule of Penetration Testing is ask for Permissions, You can't just get into a Company Website and trying to show your Hacking skills in their Website, I Guess that's what i did, The Robin Hood of Nigerian Hackers =D.

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student hacker

A 26 Year Old Student From Faculty Of Criminal Justice and Security In Maribor, Slovenia named Dejan Ornig. He finds a flaw in the Police Communications Protocol which can be intercepted. He's been said to have informed the authorities about the flaws of the Communications Protocol which nothing was done about it.

He's been said to have tried to hack the Police network on 3 different occasions of the Police Communications Protocol, But when the Police conducted a search of Ornig house, The Police found an equipment which allows interception of the Police Communications and also a Fake Police Badge which the Police believe he wanted to impersonate a Police officer.

He's been said to have received 15 Months Suspended Prison Sentence, i.e Ornig has been found guilty but he would be in probation for 15 Months but he will not go to Prison, If Ornig does not repeat such crime again for at-least in the next 3 Years again.

Alright, Let me continue with my discussion for some of you who might be interested in the Robin Hood Hacker Of Nigerians, After that he said he appreciated my hacking Skills and if i did not report the issue and they found out it was me, there would be severe repercussion. I was like WTF :/, I found a Vulnerability which i supposed to be acknowledged instead i was warned, Since then, I only go for Bounties Programs and also may be am given a Project to work on.

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