A Russian Hacker Ordered To Pay $6.9 Million

Nikita Kuzmin, A Russian Hacker has been ordered to pay $6.9 million. The hacker has been spared further jail time after Co-operating with investigators in three years ago during the time he spent in US Custody. Nikita one of the creator of the Gozi virus, which infects computers through PDF files.

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Kuzmin was arrested in 2013 with two others later,  He was charged by the US Federal Court for Conspiracy, Bank Fraud And Also For Creating The Software And his Maximum Penalty Is 95 Years In Prison according to FBI Releases. Also selling it other Hackers who steal money from Banks. The Gozi Virus steals from Banks which includes Usernames And Passwords of the affected Computers.

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How The Gozi Virus Operates

After the creation of the Gozi Virus, Kuzmin distributed the Gozi virus to other Hackers for a $500 commission per Week, He earned about $250,000 from the Gozi Virus. The Gozi Virus is send as a file PDF file named benign.pdf when opened, it installed malicious software in the Computer System which is difficult for an Antivirus to detect, and users leaving their Computer details login like their Banking credentials open will allow the virus to collect the details of the Victims and send it back to the hackers.

Kuzmin said he didn't partake in Stealing Bank information but rented it out by making money from the activities the others hackers made from it. Kuzmin helped the investigators arrest other hackers named Deniss Calovskis and Mihai Ionut Paunescu who are awaiting extradition to the US. He has now been ordered to pay $6.9 Million.

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