A Hacker Is Selling 65 Million Tumblr Details In The Darknet

One of the Social Blogging Platform Tumblr has been affected by a data breach since 2013 but got revealed for the first time, A Hacker Is Selling 65 Million Tumblr Details In The Darknet, Tumblr which is owned by Yahoo admits that it had been hacked in 2013 but refused to reveal how many Tumblr Users account had been affected by this data breach.

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The Hacker who goes by the name Peace in the Darkweb also responsible for the sale of about 117 Millions LinkedIn Details, He is selling the Tumblr Data for $150 in the Darknet MarketPlace The Real Deal.

Tumblr uses an used an algorithm called SHA1 to Hash and salt the Passwords, Which means it would be very difficult to crack down the password because instead of presenting the password in a plain text it would be in a random String.

A Security Researcher named Troy Hunt who runs Have I Been Pwned site which records database leak, has added The Tumblr database to check if you're affected by the database breach or not.

To check if you're affected or not, check the site here Have I Been Pwned?

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