$12.7 Million Stolen In Convenience Store ATMs In Japan

Investigative said a total of 1.4 Billion Yen Approximately $12.7 million has been stolen within 2 hours from about 1,400 convenience stores that uses ATMs earlier this Month in Japan.

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atm in japan

Police suspected the cash was withdrawn using an exact credit cards containing account information of users leaked from a South African Bank, which is likely fake credit cards. The Japanese Police will work together with South African Authorities through the International Police Organizations to look into the Theft and how Credit card information was also leaked.

The Japanese Police believe that about 100 People might have been involved in the Theft of the 1.4 Billion Yen, which happened in May 15 in Tokyo, And also 16 Districts across the Country.

Approximately 14,000 Transactions was made, And the Maximum of Withdrawal is 100,000 Yen which was withdrawn from Seven Banks in less than Two hours using the Fake Credit Cards.

Transaction Data from the ATM suggested that 1,600 Credit Cards information which was issued by a South African Bank was used in the Transaction of the Theft. Police are now checking the Images taken by the Security Cameras in the Store to Identify those who withdrawn the money from the ATMs.

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