Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Might Come With IRIS Scanner And Other Features

Although it's too early for Samsung to announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Phablet. One of the reason the Samsung Galaxy S7 is better than it's immediate predecessors is the return of the SD Card was removed in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

note 6

It also has a sealed battery whereby a user can't remove the battery. And this time Around Samsung Seems to return these features back. One of the reason of the successful sales of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the IP68- Certified water. And now the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is coming with it, making it the first of the Samsung Galaxy Note Series with Water Resistant And Can Stand up to 30 Minutes In Water.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to come with IRIS Scanner, Water Resistant And Dust Resistance. Some Of It's features been said that it includes a 5.8 AMOLED Display Most Likely, 6GB Of RAM and to be Powered By Google's yet to be Finalized Android N. We can't  just jump into conclusion and say exactly when the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be lunched, We have to wait for official statements from Samsung about the Galaxy Note 6.

We will keep you updates about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 on Techmedia NG.

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