Philippines Elections Hacked: Voters Data Exposed By Anonymous Philippines

The Philippines may have said to suffered the worst Data Breach of its Government just a month to it's elections. In the late march the Philippine Commission On Election was hacked and defaced by the Anonymous Philippines. At the time of the defacement the Commission claimed that no sensitive information was exposed in the data breach but that's not the case.

The Anonymous Philippines criticized it's Government for not ensuring the Security of the Voting machine in the upcoming election in the country. The Posted This On The Defacement Page.

anonymous philippines
One of the processes by which people exercise their sovereignty is through voting in an election,” the message read. “But what happens when the electoral process is so mired with questions and controversies? Can the government still guarantee that the sovereignty of the people is upheld?”

The Same Day a different group but they might be related called Lulzec Pilipinas posted an online link to where it dump the entire Database of the Electoral commission containing about 338GB.

How Big Is The Data Breach?

This data breach is said to be the biggest  Government related data breach in History. Surpassing the Office Of Personnel Management (OPM) In US last Year from Trend Mirco, where By about 20 Million US Citizens Information where leaked like their contact information and so on.

Trend Micro also warns that the Philippine that breach leaves its Citizens to risk from Cyber Crime. Where By Information of a person can be used to gather more information about the person for Phishing Emails and so on.


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