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Jiji.ng is the biggest Nigerian classifieds, which represents the collection of hundreds of thousands adverts. They are divided into several categories, so everything fits in and it is easy to find what you need. And here you can find absolutely everything you can think of.


Jiji reminds a market, which provides people with an opportunity to sell different things. Anyone can become a seller here. Just sign in with the Facebook and post an ad – that’s it. No troubles, no difficulties, no rental fee for the counter. Every advert is available all over the country, so you can imagine the amount of potential buyers.

In spite of being No.1 shopping website in Nigeria, Jiji doesn’t sell anything. It is a service that creates proper conditions for convenient trading. Jiji is not a simple online shop. It is a marketplace with its own peculiarities. Like on a market, sellers and buyers here communicate directly with each other, avoiding any mediators or extra charges.

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Jiji is always ready to take care of your entertainment. Here you can find a wide variety of consoles and games or them and, what is really important, a big selection of PC games. Actions, quests, simulators, following book or film stories. Choose what you prefer and don’t hesitate to contact a seller. The selection may be rich, but the number of users is also huge.

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If you need Jiji in numbers, it is over 530,000 active ads and more than 10,000,000 monthly visitors. And this is not the limit. Jiji continues growing and developing. It discovers new opportunities and advantages and is ready to share them with users. It is not surprising that more and more people prefer using Jiji instead of going to ordinary markets or malls. We can impress you even more.

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