About Seven Millions Of Minecraft Users Data Exposed By Hackers


Users details including Emails and Passwords of Minecraft Site Lifeboat has been stolen, It's been said About Seven Millions Of Minecraft Users Data Exposed By Hackers are stolen. Lifeboat is a multi player community that allows the game player of any smartphone to play different edition of the game. It's been said that user's data were weak and also the breach has happened since January but known recently.

An Independent Security Expert Troy Hunt the list was sent to him from some one who trades in Stolen Credentials, And also been told that the users detail are being circulated in the Dark Web. He said Lifeboat was aware of the issue but didn't notify the users about the data breach until recently.

How Did The Attack Happened?

It was been said the hackers used Hashing Technique, but he also noted that weak password is also responsible for the attack. He also said that using weak password are also some of the security problems where by users use the same login details for other sites which make it easy for the hackers to get access to.

A Spokesman from Lifeboat said after the breach in January, They force all the users to reset their passwords and the hackers only have limited time to do whatever they wanted to do. But Troy said that Lifeboat should have alert their user about the security breach so that users using the same password can go to other websites and change it. And he also added that the first thing after an incident like this happened is for the Company to think how to minimize the damage to the users.

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