Interview With Jose Pino - Security Researcher From Colombia

Hello, Today we interview another Top Security Researcher from Colombia, A Bug Hunter who has been acknowledge by Top Companies by disclosing a vulnerabilities to them.

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Hello, Jose Pino Introduce YourSelf To Our Readers

Hello, My name is Jose Pino; but my nick is Fraph, I have 19 years and I live in Colombia, (Tumaco ­ NariƱo). Specifically in the city of (Neiva ­ Huila). I am a boy security researcher, enterprising and web developer, spent much time on the research and work as penetration tester. Currently I am the Founder and CEO of Spartug, is a company formed by hackers of India, the Philippines, Pakistan and Latin America. Is responsible for the promotion of the modern security in the products of the internet by bug hunting. I have been recognized by almost all large companies Internet leaders, since then I dedicate my free time to investigate and find vulnerabilities in new web technologies. I also like the hunting of judgments by the fun and the benefit. I am also a lecturer of international security and I am currently undertaking a box of surprises that will generate a change and helps researchers on the Internet. Active member of I was a contributor to "Bugcrowd" in Colombia, one of the largest U.S. companies and successful in Crowd-sourcing security, through the hunting of errors at the global level.

Please Tell Us About Your Education And How You Started The Journey As A Security Researcher?

Since I was a child, I have been a passionate by the literature, in particular programming books, science, technology, and all kinds of articles and journals indexed that they were related, on the subject of computer security, hacking and software engineering. I have always considered that to achieve excel in the area of interest, it is not necessary to enter an educational institution, since a very small i have been listless the education system in my country, and therefore decided to be Self taught.

My taste for learning in safety, led me to enable me continuously and permanently, thanks to all the media that are within my reach, and practice gained in this environment; In addition to this, order me to enter into social relationships with people within the world of security, especially hackers from India, Russia and Pakistan, and thus share knowledge. then, as the years start to develop research and to gain recognition from leading companies worldwide Internet.

It's no secret that being a hacker, there are a number of actions that lead to the fun, however this sensation, is carried out hand in hand with hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and have love for what you do; a brief example of this is that I am a young man of 19, who remains every day of the year on your laptop, 18 hours a day, looking for security flaws, conducting research, and attending meetings of security in the country and internationally.

When Did You Start Hacking And Tell Us About Your Experience?

I have more than 8 years of experience in computing and in this field security, start the penetration testing from about the year 2007 and then return in 2010, and since then work with ethics and start to work reporting vulnerabilities to make the Web safer, and now I have been recognized by large companies Internet leaders as (Microsoft, Dropbox, Twitter, Paypal, Yahoo, Mozilla) among other large companies.

How Did You Start Learning Hacking And Who Taught You?

There are simple steps to start in the world of hacking, simply know the technology, learning of programming languages, Linux and open source code.
In my case; I learn things by myself, which I am self-taught that is an important point of success, and even more so I have always treated with people who are up, also of the old school but in Russia and India. Above all take advantage of the time or treatment of thinking that the time will fail me, not to go back or stay stagnant and realize my ideals.

Which Website/System Did You First Break Into?, What's The Vulnerability?

The first site was at the age of 8, when you connect the telephone network from my home to my first laptop, to open pages in the internet came a login where requested data from user and password, so as to see them. If you entered the correct data would have free internet in my computer, without knowing I made a list of user>names and passwords and enter one by one, until you achieve the correct access>and got free internet at that time. Since then, I broke the security of many, so I do not remember, sorry!

What Advise Will You Give To Beginners Coming Into This Field?

If you are using software to make safety tests without the ability to understand how they operate and must renounce this immediately because these accepting the limitation of your knowledge and accepting the power of a machine.
It is possible that the tools are the culprits of the great lack of focus in the security information, since the market of security tools grows constantly and has become more robust having crowds of existing tools for developers to use during the development of a product, this type of tools detect possible errors in the production of the code.

But it is a live by the high amount of false positives that occurs in general, creating the perception that the security of a product (software), is based on the use of tools that do testing for security or detect possible errors. The money and fame is not the primary purpose of hacking, I know a lot of people who are always looking for others to learn or teach something, but the most important thing is to learn by himself, however there are other more important things in my career, apart from hacking (i.e., my family and my girlfriend). I try to spend time, always to these two factors.

Is Programming Language Really Important, Why? And Which Language To Learn

If you maintain a state to be able to find security issues, it is necessary to learn the programming languages, are very important in the writing of exploits. I like all programming languages, but personally I code in VB / Python / PHP / JavaScript.

What Are The References/Best Resources To Get Started?

Read, Study Quite and Never Stop Learning. The Humility Is the real key to the successful process in obtaining of knowledge.

Where You Can Find Fraph

Facebook Page:

Thanks For Your Time Fraph :)

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