Interview With Benjamin Kunz Mejri - Ethical Hacker From Germany

Have you checked the Post i said about Top 5 Hacking Related Movie To Watch? And The Number Movie On The List Was WHO AM I - No System Is Safe. I Managed to interview Benjamin a Hacker and a mentor to me, He's The Founder Of Evolution Sec and Also Vulnerability Lab. Before reading the the Interview get a cup of coffee right beside you :)

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Hello, Mr. Mejri Please Introduce Yourself To Our Readers!

Benjamin Kunz Mejri: My name is Benjamin Kunz Mejri and i am 30 years old. I life in germany and my nationality is half german and half tunesian. I am the CEO of the Evolution Security GmbH and the owner and project leader of the Vulnerability Laboratory. I work as penetration tester, security researcher and chief executive officer in the it-security sector for about 10 years.

Please Tell Us About Your Education And How You Started Your Journey As A Hacker?

Benjamin Kunz Mejri: My education began very basic with the "middle school". After that i solved my forced community service for over 1 year and then switched over to "economic computer science" with an "Advanced technical college certificate". My journey as computer hacker or cracker began in my early age (8-9), when we tried to bypass protections of copyrights and other software licenses. A computer was at that time very expensive in germany but my father moved all to let us receive the first Schneider cpc model.

When i was around 12, i remember a long time came up without computer to my life, because i was doing high performance sport fencing and had other personal interests then to nerd around in my young age. When i turned back to computer hacking topic i was around 15-16 years old and then i mainly jumped into the deep cyber-space to figure out my rank and place in the industry.

When Did You Start Hacking And Tell Us About Your Experience?

Benjamin Kunz Mejri: I started real hacking in the age of 15-16. For sure i did ago other stuff when i was young but that was far away of the basic security hacker level. Today i am well known in the scene for what i do daily. I am acknowledged by several big manufacturers like the Microsoft corporation, Paypal inc, Ebay inc, DELL, Bitdefender, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Barracuda Networks, Oracle Corporation, Google, AT&T, Skype and several more. Experience is ever something that gets generated by time and by interaction. As far as you have enough time and interaction the experience will grow.

How Did You Start Learning Hacking And Who Taught You?

Benjamin Kunz Mejri: I learned hacking by practise and manual interaction. Another way was to share my experinece, needs and space with the community, cyber friends and well known persons of the scene. I never had a mentor like others do i teached it the manual way on my own. For sure there are ever people and friends that influence your moves but mainly i was ever learning alone to some special point of success.

Which Website/System Did You First Break Into?, What Was The Used Vulnerability In The Case?

Benjamin Kunz Mejri: I do really not remember what website or system i hacked first in my life. There are so much different bugs and vulnerabilities that we exploited i do really not remember.

What Advise Will You Give To Beginners Coming Into This Field?

Benjamin Kunz Mejri: Be free and open minded. Share information, exchange data and represent the community that you try to build. Search for a good team or group to grow-up the stable way. Reveal bugs, information of vulnerabilities and present research data to the public and not only to silent circles. Stay as whitehat and defeat the poor inside the system to receive digital freedom for you and the people around.

Is Programming Language Really Important, Why? And Which Language To Learn

Benjamin Kunz Mejri: Sure, programming is important to everybody that would like to find a vulnerability. Also to explain and represent you need the knowledge at least to understand the lines you paste. Every programming language can be used to write exploits. The coding style and the experience is important on coding not the value of the language at all.

Some people code in Delphi awesome exploits, others do the same in C++ and the next comes around and uses only JavaScript. So the choice is ever made by the individual person. I have no favorite programming language because i like them all. I personally code in Python, C, VB, Perl and rarely Delphi.

Thank You Very Much Benjamin For Your Time With Techmedia NG.

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