Tech War: Facebook Is Ready To Leave Google PlayStore

Facebook has prepared to go to war with Google in-case the issue is not yet resolved yet. Key Services Like App Updates, Push Notifications, In-App Payments. Facebook is said to be preparing these function without using the Google Playstore. Facebook experiments, like installing new Facebook-app made for users, which reportedly prompted threats of a cut off from Google.

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If Facebook is not longer on the Google Playstore, it's biggest problem would be getting its users to download its App from somewhere. According to Information, Facebook ran a test in a small country where it required people to follow a certain link to download the Facebook App and which it was a success for them as expected.  Another alternative for Facebook is to work with Mobile Phone manufacture, So that Facebook App should be Preinstalled on their new phones.

Facebook is considering offering the services it's working on — like notifications and payments — to apps on Android phones that don't include the Play Store and Google's related services, Phones that are typically sold in China, Russia, and other markets where Google is less welcome over there.

It was also ready reported Facebook users are loyal. That Facebook may have deliberately crashed their Android App to test their user loyalty.

Part of the process was intentionally crashing the Android App for a week to see if they would find alternative way to access Facebook or would abandon the site till the App is fixed, But the users keep looking for a way like browsing through their Browsers to access Facebook.

If Facebook would eventually leave the Android Playstore, it won't affect the Social Networking site much.

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