Programmer Spared From Been Going To Jail

According to BBC, A Computer expert  has avoided jail after been convicted of sending millions of Spam Messages.

Naveed Ahmed, 27 Year Old Programmer Of Tampa In US, Wrote a Program that helped a group of Scammers send messages to many mobile phones users.

The Victims where told they had won a Gift Cards for an electrical retailer that could be claimed by visiting a website. He was sentenced to two years probation and he can continue to work with computers by probation officers.

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The Victims Information was said to have been submitted to Internet Cost Per Action networks (ICPA) which are Companies that gather personal information and pay for submissions. ICPA networks are said to be legal, But the way Ahmed and his group obtained the information where illegal - Assistant US Attorney Jimmy Kitchen.

Ahmed was said to have earned more than $2,000 A week Between September 2011 and February 2013 by taking Part in the Scam.

Ahmed was one of the People charged for using their computer skills for illegal use on a CyberCriminal Marketplace which was shutdown by the FBI In July last year.

Ahmed told the judge: "I know my actions were irresponsible... I had this naive, immature view of being invincible."

Defence lawyer Melvin Vatz said Ahmed was "a man of considerable intelligence" who had "succumbed to directing those talents in the wrong way".


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