2015 Most Dangerous People On The Internet

According Wired, These are the dangerous characters the World have been watching. In 2015 Donald Trump could promote hate Speech directly to his Million followers on Social Media. ISIS could broadcast and recruit new members through Facebook and Twitter. And hackers could leaked sensitive data.


Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a demagogue i.e a leader who appeals to the emotions and ignorance of the Social economic class to gain power and promote political motives. With More than 5.3 Million followers on Twitter, Trump has the largest online platform of any Presidential candidate. He make's slanderous statement about Mexicans as rapists and bans Muslims from entering the United States.


They're among the dangerous people in the World and also the Internet.  With thousands of Facebook and Twitter account created by these Groups to recruit and also promote their mischief.

James Comey

FBI Director has become the World most vocal opponent of encrypted communications.  He warns about encryption causes law enforcement Surveillance. But his arguments against encryption threaten a technology that’s long been accepted as a necessary part of a secure internet in an age of ever-increasing data breaches.

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