Yandex Worker Stole 'Yandex Search Engine' Source Code

A Former Worker of Russia Search Engine 'Yandex' has been sentenced to 2 Years in Jail for illegal possession as well as the Distribution of commercial secrets, Dmitry Korobov Stole the Source code of the Software and tried selling it off for just $29,000, While the Source Code is nearly $15 Million USD.


According to Russian Publication, Dmitry Korobov stole the Source Code and Algorithm of the Search Engine to fund his Own Startup, but was eventually stopped before the Transaction take place, Korobov was said to have been looking for Buyers both Online and Offline.

If Korobov was successful in Selling the Source Code of the Company he would have caused alot of damages to the Yandex Company. And it was Said that Yandex have 57 Percent Market Share of All Search Queries followed by Google with 35 Percent Share, It would have been very difficult for Yandex to catch up if Korobov was Successful in Selling the Source Code.


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