US Prisoners Released In Prison By A Software Bug

According to BBC, More than 3000 US Prisoners have been said to have been released from the US Prison by a Software Bug, The Bug miscalculated the Sentence reductions of the Prisoners.

The State officials said many Early-Release Prisoners would have to return back to Jail to finish their sentences.

The Washington's Governor Jay Inslee At A Press Conference Said That this Problem was allowed for 13 Years was dissapointing to him and totally unacceptable.


The Washington Department of Corrections (DoC)  added that the issue was been reported in 2012 when the Family of one victim found that the Offender was getting out of jail too early.

Despite this the Software wasn't fixed until the new IT Boss for the DoC was appointed and who realized how serious the issue was.

Local Police are now helping to round up Prisoners who still need to spend some time in Jail. Five people have been said to return back to Jail to finish their sentence by the Local Police.

Mr Inslee has ordered the Doc to fix the Software bug immediately. And also investigation has also been started to know why issue has taken so long time to fix despite been aware of the problem.

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