North Korea's Red Star OS Based On Linux

The North Korea has it's Own Operating System known as Red Star OS,  As you would expect for a country to have it's own Operating System for their Computer, it must have Security, Features, Technology and others, And that doesn't mean it shouldn't have any bug though, But the Red Star OS is based on Linux Distros and looks some how exactly like the Apple OS.

red star os

The Security Researchers from German IT Security Company said they want to be Independent of Other Operating Systems because they fear Back-doors which might allow others to Spy on them. The researchers said they don't know how many Computer running the OS Yet.

The Red Star Operating System makes it's very hard for any one to play or modified with it, Once the core function have been modified like Disabling the Antivirus or Disabling the Firewall, The System will Display an Error message or Reboot itself.

Although North Korea wasn't the first Country to Develop it's own Operating System, Country Like Cuba has it's Own Operating System Called Nova OS, China Operating System called Red Flag, Country Like Russia and Others have tried to Build their Own.



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