Google Will No Longer Use Oracle JDK In Android N

Google has confirm that it will no longer use the Java API's from Oracle in the the upcoming Android N, Instead it will use the Open JDK, An Open Source version from Oracle's Java Development Kit. For the Non Developers, You might see that although it doesn't affect how you use your Android smartphone.


According to Venture Beat, A Google Spokesperson told VentureBeat, That Android Is Built upon Open-Source, In the new upcoming release of the new Android version, we plan to move the Android's Java language libraries to an Open JDK based, creating a common code base for Developers To Build Apps and Services.

Although it was said that there were ongoing litigation between Oracle and Google over Java, Open JDK might be an Option for Google but,

Google said they wanted to put more resources to the Open JDK where the Team can have bigger impact on new features and improvements.

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