Apple To Pay $5Million Over iOS 9 Sluggish Performance

According to Apple Insider, Apple was hit with a lawsuit seeking over $5 Million, The complaint was iOS 9 bugged down their iPhone 4s performance, As You know the Apple Security Protocols which prevent users from Downgrading their iOS version, The iPhone 4s owners were forced to choose either the Sluggish iPhone 4s or get a new mobile phone, Because the Phone can't be use for daily use.

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And the issue was that Apple failed to warn their Customers that if they Upgraded to the new iOS 9, the new iOS would interfere with their device performance, The Plaintiffs argue that Apple must have known about the iPhone 4s 'Slower Performance On iOS9 by Internal Testing before releasing the Update to the Public' but didn't warn their Customers. So it means if the lawsuit continues, Much People could be invited to benefit from the settlement.



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