How To Disable/Turn Off Images In Mozilla Firefox Automatically

I was browsing through some site and decided to turn off the images in the site, I tried checking the options in Settings, i couldn't find it, The option was available in the older version of Firefox, but it's not available in the recent version of Firefox. So let's get started on How To Disable/Turn Off Images In Mozilla Firefox Automatically.

How To Turn Off Images In Firefox

  • Type about:config in your web address and go/enter.

firefox 1

  • Then you will see a message display it might void your warranty, just click on I'll be careful, I Promise :)

  • Search for permissions.default.image and double click.

  • It will ask you to change your value and these are the three values below

  1. Load all images (default)

  2. Block all images.

  3. Block third-party images only.

  • That's All and reload the page you wanted to check or block images.

That's All

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