How To Hide A Running Program In Windows Taskbar

You know mostly when you're running a program on your PC, You see the type of App either running in the Windows Taskbar or Icon Taskbar, But there's a way you can hide all the running Program with a Simple utility tool called WinRap.

You can hide any type of Windows Operating System like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/81 And the latest version of Microsoft Windows 10. So now let's get started and follow this steps carefully.

How To Hide A Running Program In Windows Taskbar

- First Download Winrar App Here And Run it,

- And go to File and change the default password which is 1234 and replace it with your desired password.

- The Stealth mode shortcut is Shift + Z but you can change it,

Running background

- Then select list of running programs you want to hide from the Windows Taskbar and Hide.

- To View it back Press Shift + Z,

- That's All. :)

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