Mastercard Introduces A New Way Of Customer Identification Via Selfie

MasterCard is testing a new application that will allow owners of credit cards to make purchases online using selfie authorization instead of a PIN code.

At the present time to identify and confirm the transaction customers using MasterCard system SecureCode.This implies the use of passwords that can be forgotten, lost or stolen. Therefore, many financial institutions and IT companies are experimenting with biometrics as an alternative form of identification.


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The participants of the trial program will be invited MasterCard to photograph themselves with a new application MasterCard, which will create a digital map of the face and converts it into a hash. The Information will be stored on the server, and the subsequent transaction Photo customer will be compared with the available data. MasterCard announced their plans to use the identification of persons in the autumn of last year.

"We want to identify the people themselves and not what they remember," – said then the President of the Security Department of Ajay credits. "We have to remember too many passwords. This creates additional problems for consumers and businesses. The new generation selfie... I think they will appreciate it".

The MasterCard reported that user information will be transmitted to and stored in a safe place. The Company is currently testing the technology with 500 clients and expects greater use of it this year. The MasterCard also experimented with other forms of identification, such as fingerprint scanning and voice recognition. Many mobile phones support the MasterCard app, you can easily buy a cheap smartphones via, buy from real people.

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