Interview With Haider Mahmood Qureishi - Security Researcher From Pakistan

Hello World, Welcome to the first Techmedia NG Interview Series, I am very happy to Interview my best friend Haider Mahmood who is from Pakistan a Security Researcher Who receives alot of Hall of fame for reporting Bugs from Top companies in the world like Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft And so on.

Firstly let me Introduce him to you guys before he introduce himself to you, Haider Mahmood Is a very good friend of mine, He is the founder of where he shares his ideas on Security Researchs and he offers some services on many aspect you can check on him.


Hello Haider, Please Introduce Yourself To Our Readers

I'm Haider Mahmood, Computer Sciences student, Security Researcher, Penetration Tester, Freelancer and blogger.

Please Tell Us About Your Education And How You Started The Journey As A Security Researcher?

I'm currently BS Computer sciences student at COMSATS Institute of information technology Pakistan. About 4-5 years back, a friend of mine hacked my facebook, using phishing attack, and I had no idea how he did that. That curiosity led me to learn about Security which later became my passion, then I decided to adopt it as my career.

When Did You Start Security Research And Tell Us About Your Experience?

Initially when I learned about Hacking/Security, I was a blackhat, I used to hack randomly, About 2 years ago I decided to make it my career , from then onwards I shifted my lane to security research.

How Did You Start Learning Security Research And who You Taught?

Google taught me, I m just like everyone who started by googling “how to hack”. It was very frustrating in the beginning but I managed it ALHAMDULILLAH, However, I thank everyone who appreciated me , helped me, and haters who forced me to dig deeper ;)

Which Websites Did You First Find Bug On As A Security Researcher And Tell Us, How You Find It?

Facebook was my first, well not really a first, but the first big one who acknowledged and rewarded me. It was an HTML injection in facebook mobile site, where remote user could inject HTML code. Found it by manual hunting.

How Much Time Did You Spend Looking For Vulnerability In A Website? An Hour Or A Day?

It depends, sometimes, I get it within hours, sometimes within weeks, and sometimes never lol. On average I spent 2,3 hours regularly on hunting bugs.

People Like us That want To Become A Security Resercher, What Are The Things For Us To Start With?

Learn from the basics, keep calm ,dig deeper. and respect your elders in Hacking/Security field.

Technically, its hard to tell, however I think for starters.

1) Basics of HTTP & other protocols

2) Basics of server side + client side web development languages . (basics only for starters)

3) Basics of Operating Systems including Linux.

4) Basics of Networking

5) Basics of Web servers/ Web services

What’s Your Biggest Happiness As A Security Researcher When You Found A Bug In Website?

Yaa on Nokia, I submitted a detailed report to Nokia, which includes 6 vulnerabilities. Infact I never worked more hard as I worked with this report. It is been 2 months and its under investigation.

How Are You Going To Do With A Security Research, Open An Online Site Where People Will Be Paying To Learn or What?

My ultimate objective is to set-up my own Penetration testing Company which will provide penetration testing and incident response response services, As a matter of fact , I started a section of services on my website.

What Advise Will You Give Us When Learning Secrity Research?

Security research depends on time , patience and above all passion, the more you have these the more you will be successful, I know initially its very frustrating when yourn't getting any bugs I have been through the same phase, have patience, be in the scene, know whats going on in the industry. I almost forgot the most important thing , Respect your Elders in this field!

Hope You Enjoy The Interview?

And Thanks Haider For Taking Your Time For This Wonderful Interview, May ALLAH reward you, Masha ALLAH. Thanks

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