Bitdefender Customers Login Details Stolen By A Hacker

A Hacker DetoxRansome told the FORBES that he stole customer credentials at Bitdefender, The hacker has leaked some part of the company's usernames and passwords. DetoxRansome told the FORBES that the data he stole which were usernames and passwords of customer login were unencrypted, That if it was encrypted it would have been difficult for him to crack it.

The said hacker was said to have bragged about the breach on Twitter, He threaten the company that he would release some customer credentials unless if he's paid $15,000. And he tweeted this

To prove that he's serious about the issue the next day he published the list of customer usernames and passwords for which one belong to  the account the company operates itself,  And which about 250 accounts where matched and active.

And even some domains with .gov extension, which means some Government customers also affected. Although the Ransom which he hold Bitdefender was not paid,  The error was said to have occured as a result of outdated version of software package which had a known flaw, Although not much Data stolen but it's concerning how a Hacker was able to grab an unecrypted usernames and passwords from a Security Company.

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