Which One Is Better: Vmware Workstation Or Virtualbox

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these Virtual machine either Vmware workstation Or Virtualbox and what's your experience? And which one is better: Vmware Workstation Or Virtualbox?

The reason you like one of them? What are the features you think you enjoy among these Virtual machine?

I have Installed and Tested both Vmware Workstation and Virtualbox on my computer and i see the difference. And here am going to explain everything about them. Let's start with Vmware Workstation.

Vmware Workstation

This is a Paid software but if you need the free version you can go for Virtual Machine Player all the same but some features are not available on the free version.

The Reason I Like Vmware Workstation:

The reason i like Vmware workstation was because it detects any hardware automatically when you plug it to the guest OS. Although there are some features Vmware workstation that is not available on Virtualbox, but i don’t know that, every features available on Vmware workstation also available in Virtualbox.

The Reason I Don't Like Vmware workstation Is as follows:


- It takes some times to finish installing Operating System

- Mac Os Not Supported On Vmware workstation because you might need to do some additionals things which is not supported by Vmware Inc,.

- You need to install Mac OSX Unlocker for Vmware before it works

vmware workstation


It is an Open Source Free Software, it is not paid like Virtual Machine Workstation, I have tested this Virtualbox several times and i have seen it as the best Virtual Machine so far for me because there are lots of things which i really enjoy on it.

The Reason I Like VirtualBox:


The Most reasons i like using Virtualbox was because of these features:
- Installation Of Guest Operating System is very fast unlike Vmware workstation.
- It Supports All types Of Operating System Including Mac OS, which is not supported by Vmware workstation.
And here am going to tell you the reason why i hate this virtualbox and i which they can change it later on.
You will need to Install Extention pack, which will enable you to detect any Additional hardware on your OS and you will need to select the device.
I don’t really like it unlike the Vmware workstation which detects it Automatically.


Which one among these two Virtual Machine works well for you? Let me know.

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