What Is USB Type-C? Things You Should Know

The future is almost near, USB 3.1 as Type-C, What Is USB Type-C? Things You Should Know and everything will be explained. The new Apple Macbook is said to be the first computer to come with the USB Type-C but you should expect it very soon on all devices like your phones, tablets, cameras etc


The USB Type-C is very small just like USB 2.0 micro usb and not like USB 3.0

Data Transfer

The USB Type-C 3.1 offers a 10Gbps of files transfer unlike the USB 3.0 which has the ability of transfering files at 5Gbps.

USB Power Supply

The USB Type-C is said to deliver 100Watts of power which will be used either for charging of your Phones, Tablets, Computers and other Gadgets. And at the same time can be used to transfer data.

usb type c

Reverse/Backward Compatibility

Unlike the previous type of USB's where you need to look at where will you plugged it to computer and where will go to the phone/tablet, No! this USB Type-C works any how you plugged it. Just put it any where you feel like and everything works well.

usb type c reverse

You Can Use Dongle

Since the USB Type-C isn't available to all devices you know, Only available for the new Macbook and the new Google Chrome PC, you can just get your self a dongle which has different types of port like HDMI, USB 2.0 etc

usb type c adapterSooner or later you start seeing USB Type-C on your new Phones, Computer and other gadgets and you shouldn't be surprised that Oh Gosh, you don't know what this means since you're used with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.


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