How To Copy Files From Protected CD/DVD On Windows

I was trying to copy a music from a CD on my computer but i was unable to do that because the files contain inside is showing 1Kb while i know the size of the music inside the CD was more than that. Actually the first thing i did was trying to convert it to ISO may be its going to work but that didn't work also. Then i started looking for a way to do that, then successfully i found a utility software that can do that.

Check The CD/DVD file you want to copy on your computer, You will see the size in KB not in MB.

cd copy protected

How To Copy Files From Protected CD/DVD On Windows

> Make sure the CD/DVD you want to copy is already inserted into your computer CD/DVD rom.

> Download ISO Buster Here

> Then install and open ISO Buster

> You will see the list of files there in their original size.

iso buster copy

> Right click on it and select Extract Raw Data and select your file destination.

> Wait till it successful, That's all.

NOTE:- Do it one by one, and it takes time depending on the size but everything works well.

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