How To Check Your Computer Configuration Using Piriform

I was trying to figure out which type of Hard disk my computer was using, Firstly i thought my PC was using SSD (Solid State Driver), then later on i check my Computer review on Youtube which shows my computer was using SATA drive. So here am writing on How to check your computer configuration using Piriform Speccy has additional build to check your computer configuration /information.

But you know you can't check exactly which type of Hard Disk your computer is using, you can't know which type of RAM your computer is using, CD Drive and other information by using the System Properites located in My Computer. So you need a Software that can do that for you.

Piriform Specify Can Check The Following:-


> Operating System


> Storage Device

> Motherboard

> Graphics

and other system information.

You can use it to check your full system specification.

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