Top 5 Best Android Launcher You Should Use

We all know what launcher is right? An App that changes your Homescreen, Menu grid, App icon and others, that's the amazing part of the Google OS #Android, it gives rights to do whatever and whichever way to customize our devices, and here am going to tell you the top 5 best android launcher you should use on your device.  You can customize the way you wants your device to be lots of features. And the download link to the Playstore also included.

1. Google Now Launcher

google launcher

Download Playstore

2. Nova Launcher

nova launcher

Download Playstore

3. Apex Launcher

apex launcher

Download Playstore

4. ADW Launcher

awdDownload Playstore

5. Next Launcher 3D

next launcher

Download Playstore

In my next post i will be sharing free icon packs to use for your launcher.. Among these top launchers i use Google Now Launcher and Nova Launcher mostly, for you to be able to customize the Google Now Launcher you need and Xposed tweak called XGEL - Xposed Google Experience Launcher. So if you're rooted you can Google search for it or comments for me to provide you with the links.

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